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Vocation Stories

Religious are often asked the question, “Why did you join religious life?” This collection of short stories will give you an insight into some of the many and varied responses.

The first story we present is all about Mother Scholastica, the first Disciple of the Divine Master. We hope that one day she will be recognized by the Church as a Saint. Until then, she is our own saint with a small “s” and even now, she is a powerful intercessor for all of us.  Her life inspires us to live more fully our vocation and mission in the Church; her words echo in the hearts of each of us as we seek to make her words a reality in our own lives: “Lord, you alone are enough for me!”

Jesus calls each of us by name. As you reflect on the call of the various sisters and the possibilities that are offered to you also, may you too feel called to live your own vocation and experience Jesus calling you to a closer and more intimate relationship with Him.

With every blessing and assuring you of our prayers in our daily Eucharistic Adoration as you too live out your vocation, or maybe are still searching to understand God's call for you in your life.

You can watch a video about consecrated life here. One of our sisters features in it as she shares a little of how she was called to religious life.





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