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Our History

Founded by Blessed James Alberione, in Alba on February 10, 1924, liturgical memorial of St. Scholastica, our Congregation, Disciples of the Divine Master, is the third institute of the Pauline Family.

The 10th of February 1924 is a significant day for all Sister Disciples. It is our foundation day – our birthday. The first group of disciples was composed of 8 young women with Orsola Maria Rivata, now Venerable Mother M. Scholastica Rivata entrusted with the mission of leading this fledgling group. She would later take the religious name Sr. M. Scholastica on the day of her religious clothing. The eight sisters were given the name Pie Discepole del Divin Maestro (literally, Pious Disciples of the Divine Master). In some English speaking countries, we are known as the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master or even just Disciples of the Divine Master.

As a young priest, our Founder Fr. James Alberione was inflamed with a passion to spread the word of Jesus. By the end of his life he had given life to five religious orders and 4 secular institutes and an Association of Pauline Co-operators, who today make up the Pauline Family. We Disciples were founded to give life to this family through the living out of a contemplative and apostolic life. The Eucharistic Jesus is at the heart of our life.

We were recognized in the Church through the folllowing stages:

1947 April 3: Diocesan Approval granted by the Bishop of Alba, H.E. Mons. Luigi M. Grassi;
1948 January 12: Pontifical Approval by His Holiness Pius XII;
1960 August 30: Definitive Approval by His Holiness John XXIII.

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