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Sr Casimira

Country of origin: India                                                                        

I attribute my call to Mary because as a little child, when I saw the nuns, I was so much taken up that I had a great desire to be a nun, and to do as the missionaries would to as they helped and served others. I am the eldest of five children and grew up in a good Catholic family. As a young girl with some of my friends I loved to help in the parish. I was also in the Legion of Mary even from a very young age and the devotion to Mary was strong in me. One day after attending the Eucharist accompanied by my mother, I too wrote a petition to our Lady saying that I wanted to become a nun and asked Mary to help me.  And so I felt the call of God, it was somewhat like St. Matthew and I answered the call.

I did not know the Sister Disciples, I just met a sister, spoke to her and decided there and then and within two days I joined. My parents hesitated, but at the same time said that if it is was God’s will that they would let me go. That was many years ago and I am still here. What gives me life in my mission is the love for Jesus in the Eucharist and for Mary. There are hard times in every person’s life, but I found strength and help from God and overcame the difficulties by God’s grace.

I am happy in my vocation as a Sister Disciple of the Divine Master and as a missionary. I was in Rome for my formation, then I spent over twenty years in Africa and now it’s my 12th year in Ireland. I thank Jesus Master for the gift of my vocation and mission and as a missionary to spend my life for God’s people for all of us are brothers and sisters.

The words from Psalm 22 are words which I love and guide me on my journey:

“The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want”.

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