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Sr Brid

Country of origin: Ireland                                                                               

My vocation story began on the day of my First Communion. My father accompanied me to the Cathedral where I joined with other children from the surrounding schools for the celebration. My father and I were met at the door by a Mercy sister and hearing my father’s greeting., “Good morning Sister”, I enquired if she was his sister, as for me it was the first time I encountered a sister. He explained to me that she was a nun, a woman who married Jesus and had given her life to Him.

As I was full of excitement awaiting with joy to receive Jesus for the first time and decided that moment that I wanted to be a sister as I wanted to be married to Jesus. That thought remained with me through my years at school. During my time in secondary school I came to know the Mercy sisters in the school as teachers and in the hospital as nurses but I desired to live a more contemplative life.

At school each year we had the 40 hours of Adoration and it was during this time that I began to love the prayer before the Eucharist.

In 1965 I met the Disciples of the Divine Master and upon hearing about this love for the Eucharist and this care for priests, I decided that God was calling me there. I entered on the 8th of September after finishing school.

Since then I have worked in Italy, United States of America and then back in Ireland. I have always found great joy and fulfilment in my ministries as I love being with people sharing their joy and being close to them in their sorrows. During my time in Adoration I feel very united to the mission of Jesus when I can bring all peoples to Him knowing that He will take care of them all.

Moments of joy which I hold close have been my first encounter with our Founder and Father Fr. James Alberione and again the memorable day with the Pauline Family for his beatification in 2003. 

Jesus’ words of Scripture always give me courage and love especially the phrase:

“Fear not, I am always with you”.

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